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Bringing Integrity Back to Business

Through the integrity movement

WhoZaGood® is open to everyone, but it is not for everyone. Our intention with this site is to support ethical commerce through integrity, authenticity, fairness, and transparency. Why is transparency so important? Tranparency is very important because we believe that sunshine is the best disinfectant ™.

The Consumer's Responsibility
This integrity movement starts with the consumer. After all, we're all consumers. Every time a consumer contributes a rating, it must be done responsibly and with appropriate thought. The questions that consumers must answer when rating a business help guide this behaviour.

There are no anonymous ratings here, and our Terms & Conditions state that anyone providing a rating cannot accept money or any compensation for their participation. Nor can they be related to the business owner they are rating. Authentic responses are mandatory.

The Service Provider's Responsibility
When a review site counts on advertising dollars from its listed businesses, the integrity of their rankings is open for question. At WhoZaGood®, there is no advertising. Businesses who sit at the top of the ranking must earn their place there.

Businesses cannot pay us for a ranking, nor can they pay consumers for a rating. Each rating will be in line with how they conduct business.
WhoZaGood: The Great Equalizer ™ will help to bring integrity back to the online ratings / review industry and beyond.
Our Integrity Standard
Our rating and ranking system is designed to eliminate subjective opinions that plague most review sites, and provide, in their place, objective, high-caliber Z-Score® ratings that everyone can trust. These ratings are compiled according to six over-arching categories and questions.

service quality: How well did the delivered service match expectations?
competence: Did the service provider have the required skill, knowledge, qualification, and capacity to deliver?
value: How does the benefit measure up to the cost of receiving the goods or service?
environment: Does the physical location provide a convenient and appropriate setting for business?
ethics: Were appropriate rules of conduct for this business followed?
price: Is the cost for the goods or services suitable?

the rating system

Our Rating System

Our system of rating businesses is the first of its kind to bring integrity to the online review process. We replace subjective reviews with science and analytics to create the Z-Score®.

Our proprietary system uses a combination of customer ratings and a proven predictive analytics engine to provide a statistically-valid customer-rating site for consumers today. This provides you with objectivity when you’re trying to find trustworthy service providers.



Integrity Review Categories Z-Score®

A rating on WhoZaGood® is a true snapshot of the service customers like you receive from businesses. With each rating, customers respond to questions based on the categories below.

  • service

    How well did the delivered service match expectations?

  • value

    How does the benefit measure up to the cost of receiving the goods or service?

  • ethics

    Were appropriate rules of conduct for this business followed?

  • competence

    Did the service provider have the required skill, knowledge, qualification, or capacity to deliver?

  • environment

    Does the physical location provide an appropriate setting for the business?

  • price

    Is the cost for the goods or services suitable?

integrity in the news

Integrity In The News

WhoZaGood® is positioning itself to capitalize on two mega trends - social media (Web 2.0) and integrity - trends that are sweeping the internet and changing the way business is done.

  • Better Business Video

    To learn more about the need for a new standard for rating businesses, a rating that cannot be bought, watch this 8 minute ABC News report.

  • NBC-I

    NBC4 iTeam Investigation

  • Social Media

    To learn more about the social media mega trend, watch this 4 minute video.


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At WhoZaGood®, our site is open to anyone-but it is not for everyone. Our commitment to integrity extends to everything we do and everyone we serve and work with.

We believe that truth lies in transparency.

In creating a service dedicated to bringing good customers and quality service providers together, it's important for our users to know that the people who provide the ratings we post are real. Also that they are offered by other customers who share a determination to make everyday business transactions not only satisfying for both clients and providers, but also examples of how we can live our lives with integrity.

Thank you for joining this movement towards ethical commerce.

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When you see a rating or read a review on WhoZaGood®, you know it comes from someone you can trust...just like you.

Which is why we want to learn more about you. But first, we want to make it clear that while 'anonymous' is not part of our vocabulary at WhoZaGood®, 'privacy' is.

The profile you provide us with will simply ensure that the promise of integrity that we make is one that we can keep. The personal information you provide will be kept in confidence. When you submit a rating, you can decide what part of your personal information you want to publicly disclose.

We also go to great lengths to ensure integrity in our listings by assuring they are based only on legitimate consumer ratings. Remember, at WhoZaGood® there is:

  • No advertising
  • No way for a business to buy its way to the top
  • No service providers posing as reviewers

Now, let’s change the world!


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